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English Lessons with Native Teachers by Skype

email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +447517651546

Skype: anita.bowie1


I Can’t Teach You English…..but if you are self-motivated, disciplined and diligent….

You Can Learn English!

Learning a language is not like learning a mathematical formula or important dates of the history of the world. Languages are not knowledge in a book, languages are living and breathing – they are used to communicate between humans. If we didn’t have languages there would be no way to communicate our feelings, thoughts, doubts or desires to our fellow humans.

The first priority of anyone learning any language should be communication. With Greg, you will learn how to communicate in English. In this method of learning you will not be required to do boring grammar fill-in-the-gap exercises, nor will you be expected to memorize verb tenses or any other form of grammatical structure. While studying with Greg you will learn English by doing! You will learn by working on the four main skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Greg’s method is a mixture of the Communicative Method, Callan Method and the Natural Approach.

The process begins with us becoming acquainted on Skype through using a question and answer format because most conversations begin with a question. And then after the first week you will begin actively working on the four main skills in language learning:

l Reading – you will choose what you want to read whether it be a book, magazine, news website or anything at all that interests you; If you read what I suggest, there’s a good chance your interest will not be like mine. I’ve found in my years of teaching that students remember what they care about and what interests them.

l Writing – you will write about any subject that you wish. Some of my students write about the book they are reading, some write about their job and some write short fictional stories. It doesn’t matter what you write about, it only matters that you write!

l Listening – you will listen as I talk to you in our online classes; and you there are great websites that offer effective ways to listen online.

l Speaking – the three above skills all come together in our online sessions as we discuss what you did during your day, what you’ve been reading and what you’ve written. In class I’ll give you verbal feedback and suggestions for your reading, writing and speaking.

This is a fun and enjoyable way to learn! In fact, you don’t even realize that you are studying a language because what you’re really doing is learning to communicate in another language.

Remember, most people can’t learn a language in a month or in 6 months. Learning English takes time, practice, discipline and patience. It’s up to you: if you are diligent and disciplined about practicing English with me, Greg, you will see improvement in as early as 2-3 months, and your improvement will be noticeable to others, like your boss, in 6 months.

Greg offers the following classes:

Meet the Teacher:

You can meet the teacher, have a trial
lesson and plan your future lessons.


1 x 45 minute general conversation lesson - £14

 5 x 45 minute conversation lessons - £65

 1 x 60 minute interview practice/editing - £18

 1 x 60 minute editing/proof reading business and academic documents - £25


For Academic documents I don't do research nor will I write papers for you. I can help and guide you through the writing process by correcting and making suggestions. It is the student's responsibility to do all the research and to write all documents to the best of their ability. 



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